Prison Fences | Foundation Fence, Inc.

Foundation Fence, Inc., has been installing confidence for customers through a variety of projects. Our dedicated team of estimators, project managers, installers, as well as third-party vendors have a wealth of experience in fence installations for prison fences, correctional facilities, military installations, airport security fences, driving range fences and much more.

Simply put, if it can be fenced, we can complete the project with the greatest amount of experience and the least amount of headaches.


• Prison Fences • Military Installations
• Speedway Crash Fences • Electrified Fences
• Force Protection Fences • Guardrail / Highway Fences
• Driving Range Fences • Airport Security
• Sports / Recreational Facilities • Commercial Ornamental Iron Fences
• Correctional Furniture • Correctional Facility Fences
• Large Game Fences